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10月30日下午,副校长李珍刚到ky棋牌娱乐官网调研,ky棋牌娱乐官网常务副院长廖东声,副院长玉琳,外籍教师代表Amy Zhang女士陪同调研并汇报相关工作情况。

On October 30th, Vice President of GXUN Li Zhengang visited the College to do survey, the Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, the Associate Dean Yu Lin and foreign teacher Amy Zhang attended the meeting.





The Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng made a brief introduction of the college running scale, characteristics, and the construction of teaching staff. “Based on the advantages of international cooperative education” Mr.Liao said, “We aim to establish our own characteristics, go out of GXUN and reach out to the world. We try to create harmonious atmosphere for teaching staff and students, making them have the sense of belonging and honoring, and be will to grow with us together”. “Meanwhile we still have some problems. Most of our foreign teachers do not stay for long time. We are short of office rooms and labs”, Mr.Liao added.



The Associate Dean Yu Lin gave an account of student service and the construction of the Party and Youth League Committee. She said that the students did not learn actively. They did not have a clear motivation of why joining the Party. It was needed to find ways to arouse the students’ studying initiative, and help them to become the excellent talents for the country.


外籍教师代表Amy Zhang女士说,虽然学院采用全英文讲授专业课程,但目前部分学生的英语水平较低,难以掌握专业课程。她建议对英语水平比较薄弱的学生开展专项培训,同时建议全体教职工用英语交流,为学生创造一个英文大环境。

Foreign teacher AmyZhang said that all the academic courses were taught in English, however, some students’ English was not goodenough to master the courses. She advised that the students should have had some special training and all teaching and administrative staff should speak English which would help the students improve their English.



Vice President of the University Li Zhengang made approval of what the staff of the college had done and what they had achieved. He gave some suggestion of how to promote the development of the college. First is the college should enhance the administration of teaching and improve educational quality to cultivate talents of creative mind and of high quality. Second is the education of the college should be combined with the development of Guangxi province such as One Belt and One Road, AFTA and The Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. Third is the college should make regular researches on how to make good service for the students and foreign teachers. Fourth is the college should enhance its internal and external communication, and learn how to use the mechanism to solve problems. Last is the college should enlarge propagation and its influence by reporting news in both Chinese and English, especially on the net.



Int he end, Vice President made guarantee that the University would help the college to solve problems and difficulties. He hoped all the staff of the college could keep confidence, challenge the difficulties and do job well.

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