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On November 5th, the Tenth Sports Meeting of GXUN was held in the track. This was the first time the College took part in the Meeting. The college had successfully finished all the competition events and won the High Morality Prize.






The college had taken part in jump rope, competition in speed of three person’s board shoes, three-legged race, running around the university, throwing an embroidered ball, receiving a ball with the basket, and harmonious running. Before the Meeting, all the players trained hard in their spare time. In the race, the players worked together and fought tenaciously. Though the college did not get any prize in the competitions, their active involvement in the Meeting, their spirit of cooperation, and their attribute of enterprising fully interpreted the true meaning of the Sports Meeting and what spirituality the university students should have, and finally won themselves the High Morality Prize.


“It is really good to be able to fight with the classmates. I get experience of completion as well as friendship. When I am running around the university, I hear the sound of support and encourage from my teammates, and I am moved and feel proud” one of the players said.

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