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On November 15th, organized by Students’ Union, the 13thUniversity Students’ Debate Competition of GXUN was held in Room 201 in Students’ Center Building.











Four students of the college participated in the competition and the opponent they encountered were students from College of Educational Science. At the beginning of the competition, our first debater came straight to the point that choosing major for interest was more important than for employment. She made an analysis step by step with accurate language on the point. When came to the attack process, our debater caught the opponent’s “loopholes” and set the opponent into a maze of thought. During the free debate, our debater posted trenchant comments and the tense atmosphere was up to the top. After fierce competition,our college won the College of Educational Science by the mark of 36.26. Qin Hongqin of our college won the title of “the best debater”.

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