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On December 25th, a New Year evening party was held together by Sino-British College, College of Ethnology and Sociology, School of Southeast Asian Studies and School of Foreign Studies. Faculties and students from four colleges participated in the party.








晚会内容丰富,形式新颖,气氛热烈。晚会在ky棋牌娱乐官网热情的开场舞中拉开序幕。歌曲《陪你走过漫长岁月》、《一次就好》、《All of me》深深感染了在场每一位观众;舞蹈《pretty lady》、《Fairly》、《Drop that kitty》赢得师生阵阵掌声;集体舞《Jingle bells》为这台晚会划上了完美的句号。

Starting from a very passionate dance, the party was in a festive atmosphere and the performance was very excellent and fascinating. Songs of Accompany You to a Long Journey, Just OneTime and All of Me appeal every audience. Dances of Pretty Lay, Fairly, DropThat Kitty won much applause. Group Dance Jingle Bells made the party had a beautiful ending.



University good mental outlook was showed in the evening party and it also made a bridge for the communication with other colleges.  

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