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On April 18th, Vice President Wu Jinzhao came to the College to check rectification of undergraduate teaching evaluation, and made requirements for how to make good preparation for the evaluation at the next stage.





Vice President Wu reviewed the self-evaluation report, and made some suggestion for the modification of the report. He said that the educational orientation and goal said in the report should be clearer, and the language should be more precise, try to add some charts or graphs to make the report more illustrated and make an English version for the report. Mr. Wu also had an examination of the supportive materials, Desk materials and the renewal of the website of the College. He suggested that the supportive materials and the Desk materialsshould be supplemented in accordance with the requirements of the Universityand create two site navigations, a Chinese one and an English one.



Vice President Wu required that all the faculties and students of the College should aware how significant and how urgent to get the preparation of the evaluation done well it was, all faculties and students should contribute to promote the College’s construction and development with the guidance of “Twelve Letters”.



The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, the Associated Dean Yu lin, the Programme Director Mdm Katherine and faculties attended the meeting.

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