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On November 16th,Vice President of the University Wu Jinzhao together with He Dong, Head of the Office of International Exchanges, visited the College to do research on 2015 foreign affairs of education. The Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng, the Associate Dean Yu Lin, teacher representatives Wang Yiwei, Sun Yucui and Fang Jiaojiao participated in the research.





At the beginning,Vice President Wu Jinzhao pointed out that as the entry of the new century, the University’s international collaborative education begins with a good and booming development, sticking to the running orientation of “Nationality, Locality and Internationality”, the University puts the internationalization of higher education on the agenda and states where and how the University should enhanceits international collaborative education.



The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng gave suggestions to the Draft of Administration of Foreign Affairs of Education. First, it is somehow difficult to establish institutions of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools by 2020. In accordance with the provisions,an educational institution which applies for establishing a Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school shall have the legal person status. Therefore the University’s establishment of a Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school should follow its actual situation and the provisions. Second, according to statistics,the cost of the establishment of a Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school with Master degree could be enormous, and the enrollment of students will face big difficulties.Therefore it is not a good idea to place the establishment of a Sino-foreigncooperatively-run school with Master degree in the Development Plan. Third, due to different reasons, foreign teachers of Sino-foreign collaborative education programme such as that of Sino-British College do not stay for long, the University shall open green pass for the foreign experts. That is, temporary employment of foreign experts does not need to submit approval three months ahead of time.



Wu said that the University highly values the internationalization of education. It will study carefully on Liao’s suggestion and make great efforts to provide support for the internationalization of education.



Liao also said the College faces many difficulties now. For example, due to low payment, personnel with senior academic degrees and professional titles are not willing to stay for long in the College. However, we still make some achievements in the teaching and administration. At present, all kinds of work of the College has gone into a stable state. We plan to declare one to three new subjects to enlarge the College’s running scale.



Wu listened closely to Liao’s report, and talked with the participants about how to overcome the difficulties. In the end, Wu underlined the following four points. First the College should take more humanistic care for the foreign teachers, keeping them stay not only for payment but also for friendship. Second the College should regulate its administration, improving its administrative system. Third the College should enhance communication with the foreign teachers, and do not make the different ideology between the two countries to become the obstacle of the communication. Fourth the College should make full survey for the declaration of new subject, taking more consideration on such subject that is set both by GXUN and Staffordshire University and that has good review.

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