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To enrich faculty’s spare life, promoting national fitness activity, strengthening faculty’s body, cementing friendship and solidarity, and enhancing faculty’s playing skills, the 16th Faculty’s Balloon Volleyball Games of the Universtiy  begun in Badminton Hall on November 23th. Faculty of the College combined with faculty of College of Business participated in the game.






The faculty took the positives into the game, practicing their playing skills and improving cooperation in the games. Though they were stopped from the final, they thought it was a worthwhile. “It is more important to be able to participate in the game than to get win, just enjoy what the exercises bring to you”, “We seldom have the chance to take exercises in our spare time due to busy working, by taking part in the Balloon Volleyball Games, we can release our pressure from job, and we can work more energetically “, “Almost every one of all ages can play balloon volleyball game, for it makes least hurt for the players. Participating in balloon volleyball games can enhance our awareness of team cooperation and promote our friendship with faculty of other colleges”, said the players.

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