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Organized by Guangxi Agricultural Department and presented by the College, the opening ceremony of Training of Financial and Accounting Staffs of Guangxi Agricultural System was held on December 1st in Room 401 in International Education Complex Building. Vice Director of Financial Section of Guangxi Agricultural Department Zhao Yunwen attended the ceremony and made a speech. The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng presided over the meeting and more than 100 financial and accounting staffs from Plant Protection Sector, Soil and Fertilizer Sector, Agricultural Ecology and Resource Protection Sector, Agricultural Bureau and Agricultural College participated in the training.






On the ceremony, Zhao expressed his appreciation and thanks to what the College had done for the training. He then interpreted the significance of the training, and made requirement for the trainees. He pointed out that all the trainees should improve their thought recognition by learning the oretical knowledge, in addition, they should observe class rule, listen to the teachers carefully, and exchange ideas to widen work vision to work better.



Liao expressed his welcome to the guests from different parts of Guangxi province in his speech. He also made an introduction to the University and the College. He said that in the long course of its running, the University adhered to the motto of “Virtuous and learned, harmony but different” and gradually developed its own running characteristics of Nationality, Regionalism and Internationality. He also introduced the College’s development, its subject structure and teaching resources, pointing out that the College had made good preparation for the training.



The training which will start from December 1st and end on December 3rd is aimed to improve the trainees’ quality and capacity. The content of the training will cover New Budget Act, financial and audit, new regulation of administration of travelling allowance, training fee, and meeting fee, administration of programme budget evaluation and the current hot and difficult topics on financial administration.

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