Visit of the International Programme Advisors from Our Collaborative Partnership Staffordshire University of UK

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Hazel Denise Squire the IPA for our undergraduate school and Paul Jonathan Toft the IPA for our Foundation level were with our students and faculty team from 26th Nov - 29th Nov.







Prof Liao and Mdm Katherine took Paul Toft to tour the building. These IPA's made their rounds in every semester to ensure qualitydelivery of the Programme.



They both paid a courtesy call to VP President Wu in his office.They exchanged ideas on how to further improve the teaching & learning of the programme. VP Wu thanked them for their visit and assurted them that he will give moral and support to this programme as he is now over seeing this Sino British College.



Our partner university place particular attention to delivery of lectures and several class observations were conducted by both IPAs. Feedback were given to the team for enhancement and improvement to their lectures. The team met several students and feedback survey from last semester were reviewed to ensure that students concerns were looked into. The IPAs worked with the teaching team on the Module Monitoring Report of the previous academic term submitted by the teaching team. On their last day, a wrap up session was held with our Executive Dean Prof Liao and our Programme Director Katherine.Concerns raised by faculty team on the importance of English and the continuation of English proficiency in the progression levels were relayed to both of our leaders. It is hope that their requested of having an English speaking zone on Level 4 will see its reality by their next visit.



Our IPAs would like to see at least two English camps and activities planned in a semester.



Currently both IPAs commented that there is no proper studying place or library. It has been requested that a library with Internet access should be made available particularly for Level 6 students as their have their research and project papers for their final year.


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