Colclough and Morris in 10 Goal Thriller

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After a game that was filled with excitement, excellent play and plenty of goals, Mr Morris and Ms Colclough’steams ended the match with the glory shared in a 5-5 thriller in last night’s football match at the GXUN stadium in Nanning, China.






Ms Colclough showed her toughness and reliability in midfield, and was well supported by her forward line of Pierce Chen and Jia Lin. Pierce was very effective in both scoring and creating goals, while Jia showed some excellent movement off the ball. As a result Ms Colclough’s side went into an early two goal lead.



However, after a difficult start to the match Mr Morris’s side came back into the match.Mr Morris was a real tiger in the midfield, which helped his star attackers Oliver Liao and Aguerro Yao fight their way back into the match and level the scores at 2-2.



After that it was real end to end football, with tackles flying in from defenders Klaus Huang, Harold Luo and Mr Bench. Dragon Qin also made some excellent contributions on the right wing, regularly feeding the ball to their strong attacking midfielder James Chen.



With the scores level at 5-5 and the sun setting, both teams left the field tired but happy as they were pretty equal in ability and the score was a draw.Well played everyone!!!


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