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On December 8th, signing ceremony of strategic cooperative agreement between the College and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) was held in Room 401 in International Education Complex Building.The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng, Regional Director of South China of CIMA Pan Jianbiao, Director of Business Development of Guang Zhou Wu Jinyu, and Business Development Manager Liang Yan were present at the ceremony. Other leaders and staffs of CIMA, teachers and students of the College participated in the ceremony.








Prof Liao made a speech for the ceremony. On behalf of the  College, he expressed welcome to the visit of the CIMA and congratulation to the signing of agreement between the two sides. After a general introduction of GXUN and Sino-British College, Liao said that it was not easy for both sides to get this agreement signed, and today’s signing of agreement would set up a scaffold for both of the two sides to communicate and make the College’s aim of integration of the academic teaching and professional skills training achieved. The students would benefit a lot from that, which will be good and helpful for their future jobs seeking and careers developing.



Mr.Pan also congratulated the signing of agreement between the two sides, saying that it was CIMA’s honor to be able to cooperate with the College. “To have complementary advantages and develop with mutual benefit and win-win outcome is what we both sides pursue, and I believe that the cooperation between the two sides will help the College to make the goal of integration of academic teaching and professional skill achieved”, said Pan.


据悉,CIMA英国皇家特许管理会计师公会(Chartered Institute of Management Accountants),成立于1919年,是世界上最大的管理会计师专业组织,在全球179个国家和地区拥有逾22.7万名会员和学员。CIMA管理会计职业资格认证体系享有百年声誉,以常识结构严谨、所学内容实用、融汇财务与战略而著称。CIMA特许管理会计师受到了全世界的一致认可,许多世界知名跨国企业,如联合利华、壳牌、福特、艾森哲等,都对CIMA资格推崇备至。

It is learned that Chartered Institute of Management Accountants was established in 1919, it is now the largest organization of management accountants which has more than 22.7 thousand members and trainees in 179 countries around the world. CIMA professional certification system has fine reputation in its precise knowledge structure, practical content which not only covers finance knowledge but also strategy knowledge. Management accountants are highly valued by many famous international enterprises such as Unilever, Shell, Ford, and Accenture.

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