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On March 22th, meeting of Preparing for the Evaluation and Promoting Fine Study Style was held in Room 420 in International Complex Building. The Associative Dean of the College Yu Lin presided over the meeting,and student counsellor Sun Yucui, Fang Jiaojiao, all members of Youth Leagueand Students Union, class monitors and class League secretary were participated in the meeting.




The Associative Dean of the College Yu Lin made an introduction to the aim, significance and main content of the evaluation of undergraduate teaching, and urged the importance of it. She required that all the student leaders should set a good model for other students in the task of preparation of the evaluation. All classes should have to organize and held class meetings to lead all students to take an active part into the evaluation. With the guidance of promoting construction, improvement, and administration through evaluation, students should take the opportunity to build good habits of study and enhance their moral cultivation, which will help to promote class construction of learning style, civility in the classroom and civilized dormitories.  

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