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On December 30th, invited by the College, Xiao Zuoping, professor and PhD supervisor of School of Economics and Management of Southwest Jiaotong University and Chinese Certified Public Accountant made a lecture on Financial Management Theory and Practice in Room 401 in International Education Complex Building. The Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng presided over the lecture. More than one hundred teachers and students from both Sino-British College and College of Business attended the lecture.






肖作平教授在企业财务、企业治理,以及会计理论和实证研究方面有丰富的研究成果,先后在学术刊物上发表80余篇论文,出版学术专著6部,参译著作1部,主编教材3本,主持国家自然科学基金3项、主持教育部人文社科基金、教育部博士点基金和中国博士后科学基金等课题20余项,担任教育部学位与研究生教育评估专家,国家自然基金委同行评议专家,教育部国家精品课程同行评议专家,国家社会科学基金同行鉴定专家,《中国会计评论》理事,《证券市场导报》特约编委,《国际会计前沿》(Frontiers of International Accounting)杂志主编,《财务研究》学术委员会委员等职务,入选教育部新世纪优秀人才支撑计划、四川省有突出贡献的优秀专家、四川省学术和技术带头人后备人选,财政部“全国学术类会计领军人才”等称号。

Professor Xiao Zuoping gained abundant achievements on researches of corporate finance,corporate management and accounting theory and demonstration. He had published 6 monographs and 80 papers, edited 3 textbooks, headed over 3 researches projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and more than 20 projects of Humanities and Social Science Foundation, Doctoral Program Foundation of Ministry of Education of China and Chinese Post doctoral Science Foundation. He is estimation expert of academic degrees and graduate education of Ministry of Education of China, expert for peer review of National Science Fund, National Essential Courses and National Social Science Fund, council of China Accounting Review, contractual editor of Securities Market Herald, editor of Frontiers of International Accounting, and member of academic council of Journal of Financial Research. He is elected in New Century Talent Supporting Project by Education Ministry and Science and Technology leader by Si Chuan province. He is also outstanding excellent expert in Si Chuan province and national academic accounting leader.



In the lecture, professor Xiao attached importance to “management benefit”, he said that the most comprehensive and challenging thing in corporate management is finance management. Xiao took analysis of strategic position and main roles of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) through actual examples, interpreted three financial statements—balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement,and gave suggestion on how to analyze and choose a corporate financial policy.



Professor Xiao’s lecture had rich contents. It was funny and easy to understand, so that it was very popular with the attendees. The lecture proceeded in an impassioned atmosphere, by the end of the lecture, Xiao also discussed with the attendees on some issues.

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