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On March 9th, Vice President of GXUN Wu Jinzhao visited Sino-British College to make a survey of how the collaborative education programme develops and how the supporting material for the undergraduate teaching evaluation is prepared.




Wu listened carefully to the Executive Dean of the College Liao Dongsheng reported how structure of leadership group and managerial hierarchy is, how positions of administration are arranged and what responsibility of each position is. Also preparationof declaration of new subject is reported. Wu made three piece of suggestion after listening to the report. He said structure of leadership group and managerial hierarchy, responsibility of each position should be shaped into a system so that each one can go about their respective terms of references. Next is to put high value on student counseling service work. Counseling service should not only take care of students’ growth but also help them to make correct ideology, guiding them to take a correct attitude towards study. Because requirement for the subject of Sino-British College is different from that of other colleges of GXUN, it is necessary to make clear for the students the regulations of subject study including attendance, assignment, and exam etc. Meanwhile it is also important to enhance communication not only with students but also with the teachers, especially the foreign teachers which will make great help in students’academic study. Last is to enhance communication and coordination. Sino-foreign collaborative education should absorb both Chinese and foreign advanced cultureand bring advantages of both sides into play. Both sides of the College should work closely to make the programme run well so that its social effect can bebroadened.



At the end, Wu asked how supporting material for undergraduate teaching evaluation is prepared. Liao said general materials that required by the university are prepared, but that’s not enough. Since the College is just established, materials we have are a little bit insubstantial, but we will try our best to enrich. Wu stressed the importance of the undergraduate teaching evaluation, saying that it is the most important thing for the university this year. “The aim of the evaluation is to promote construction and development of undergraduate education by evaluation. Sino-British College is a new college, having its own character, difficulties and problems, the College should take this opportunity to find the problems and solve them and make the College develop better and better”,Wu added.

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