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On March 16th, meeting of the first audit of application materials of new subject of Sino-foreign collaborative education programme of Sino-British College was held in Room 411 in International Education Complex Building. The Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng presided over the meeting. Principals of the Party Affair Office and the President's Office, Academic Affairs Division, Recruitment and Employment Department, Finance Department, Network and Information Center,and College of Business were participated in the meeting.





The Executive Dean Liao Dongsheng reported progress of the declaration of new subject of the College, analyzed the current situation of Sino-foreign collaborative education programme of the Nation, and pointed out that development of Sino-foreign collaborative education programme especially that with training pattern of“4+0” was encouraged. “That would help the College successfully apply for opening new subject”, Liao added. In combination with the new regulations and requirements of the Ministry of Education, Liao also analyzed what new challenge and problems the College would face during the declaration of the new subject, he hoped that participants could provide some advice for that.



Participants read carefully the application materials, pointing out what problems and inadequacy the application materials had and gave their opinions of how to improve. First was characteristic. Advanced education ideology, distinctive teaching mode and superior curriculum system of the new subject should be highlighted. Second, data of application materials should be true and credible which should be in accordance with the requirement of Ministry of Education of the Nation. Third, pay attention to details and enrich supportive materials.



Recruitment,academic affairs, financial requirements and quality monitor which was involved in the declaration of the new subject was also discussed in the meeting.

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