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To enhance students’ awareness of safe use of the electricity and enlarge students’ acknowledge of fire safety, meeting of fire safety of class 3, Grade 2014 was held on March 16th. Student counsellor Fang Jiaojiao was participated in the meeting.






The meeting was organized by the student leaders of class 3. Video of fire disaster was played and knowledge of safe use of electricity and different ways of escaping from the fire was interpreted through PPT. All the students took an active part in discussing on how to prevent fire disaster and how to escape from the fire. They promised that they would never use those electrical appliances that were not allowed by the school, and they would remember to shut off the power.



Miss Fang made a conclusion for the meeting. She hoped all the students could enhance their awareness of safe use of electricity and maintain fire safety of the dormitory, and be responsible for their safety as well as others’ safety. All the students should follow the regulations of the school on fire safety, not to privately connect wires, not to use those electrical appliance that were not allowed by the school and not to forget to shut off the power when leaving.

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