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On March 14th, meeting of safe use of electricity in dormitory for level 4 students were held in Room 420 in International Complex Building. Student counsellor Fang Jiaojiao presided over the meeting. All level 4 students were participated in the meeting.




Pictures and video of fire disasters broke out in some universities were showed in the meeting. Fang analyzed the reason why those fire disasters broke out. In combination with the analysis of the cases, she hoped all students knew how important it was to safely use the electricity. Once the fire broke out, it would make heavy damage and loss, even lives. Also University Regulations for Student Punishment, University Regulations for Student Safety Administration and University Regulations for Dormitory Administration of Student Handbook of GXUN were studied again in the meeting.



The meeting gave rise to the students’ thinking about the security of the electricity use. Han Yi, a student from class three said that safe use of the electricity was very important, we should enhance our study of firefighting,and know how to safely use the electricity to safeguard our own dormitory security.

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