Rujin Huang

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1.    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Coventry University, Coventry, UK 2010-2012

2.    Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management Coventry University, Coventry, UK 2012-2013


Educational Background

1.    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, extensive study in the field of Business Simulation, Enterprise Development, Operating Systems and Security, Database Systems, Professional Skills and Group Project.

2.    Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management, extensive study in the field of: Financial Risk Management, Research Method, Corporate Finance, Institutional Investments, Financial Statement analysis and valuation, Advanced Management Accounting, Corporate financial strategy.


Contractual Arrangement

Yearly Contract


Proposed Teaching Responsibilities in Connection with SU Programmes

Level 4

Financial Accounting

Level 5

 Management Accounting Techniques

Advanced Financial Accounting


Level of English:



Teaching Experience:

Accounting Teaching Assistant (2014-2015) BPP University, Birmingham, UK

Accounting Teacher (2015-2016)   Sino-British college, Guangxi University for Nationalities


Employment History:

Accounting data administrator,

Logistics Ltd, Birmingham, UK (Part-time, 2013-2015)


Personal Development:

PGCE(Postgraduate Certificate in Education)

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