Max Morris

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?    BA (Hons). Modern History and Politics University of Essex.

?    Full Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification.

?    HSK Level 5

?    Health and Safety Certification

?    Environmental Awareness and Protection Certification

Educational Background

My passion for continual learning and personal development has seen me make many accomplishments already. Having graduated from one of Britains premier Social Science and Arts universities, in 2011 with a joint honours degree in Modern History and Politics; I then started to learn Chinese, became a professional teacher and completed training in health and safety, environmental protection and customer relations.

Having worked in the retail sector in the UK for seven years and then in education in China for a further three, it was by utilising my ability to learn new skills quickly and my high level of adaptability that I was able to excel in all positions I have worked in. 

Possessing a strong ability to lead a team and control and manage situations has seen me run election campaigns, lead meetings and achieve high quality results. It has been through this, that I have been tuned my inter-personnel skills and can motivate others in a team to achieve more.


Contractual Arrangement

Yearly Contract.


Proposed Teaching Responsibilities in Connection with SU Programmes

International Foundation Programme Module:General English


Level of English:



Teaching Experience:

Teaching English and Mathematics Teacher at Wuxi Dong Lin Middle School

Key Responsibilities:

?       Teaching students aged 12 and 13 English and Mathematics

?       Keeping time and working with colleagues as part of ateam

?       Presenting a positive image of the United Kingdom

?       Making sure that all students reach key development targetsand excel academically. This includes setting middle and end of term examinations. For the end of year examination my students achieved a 100% passrate.

?       Creation of a curriculum for English study and making detailed lesson plans to ensure that the students


English Tutor at Web International English

Web International English is one of the largest English training centres in China. Web trains over 150,000 people, including government officials and professionals,annually.

Key Responsibilities:

?       Teaching students of all ages.

?       Teaching students of all abilities, from Beginner level to Advanced level. This includes teaching things such as colloquialisms, grammar and conversational English.

?       Teaching Business English

English teacher at Hanlin Experimental Primary School, International Department

Hanlin School is one of the best in Dongguan. Teaching in their newly established international primary department meant that a high level of professionalism and excellence was required and expected in order to maintain the prestigious image of the school. Further, within a short space of time, all students had to be demonstrate a relative high level of English proficiency.


Key Responsibilities:

?         Sole English teacher for Grade1

?         Detailed lesson preparation to make the curriculum interesting and engaging for the students.

?         Use of multi-media in teaching, including, PPT, songs and videos.

?         Meeting with parents and hosting ‘open classes’ so that parents could watch classes and be satisfied with the quality of instruction.

?         Ensuring students passed exams with high marks


Employment History:

August 2011 – June2012

Position held: British Council Cultural Ambassador

September 2012 – July2013

Position held: English Tutor at Web International English

August 2013 – June2014

       Position Held: English teacher at Hanlin Experimental Primary School, International Department


Personal Development:

     HSK 6 and HSKK High level(汉语诗平口语考试,高级)as well as certification for Chinese proficiency from HainanUniversity.

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