Hongsun Qin

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MSc (Merit) International Financial Analysis University of Glasgow

BSc (Hons Upper Second). Accounting and Finance Bangor University

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

Bloomberg Essential Training Program Certificates (BESS)

Educational Background

I obtained my master degree in the course of International Financial Analysis in the University of Glasgow, UK, qualified with merit. In my undergraduate step, I studied in Bangor University, North Wales, UK, and obtained the Honors Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance.

During the period of studying in the UK, I have systematically learnt all aspects regarding, accounting, financial management and business study. It includes financial accounting, management accounting, company law, taxation, capital market, corporate finance and business management.

Before going to the UK, I used to be a student of Bachelor of accounting in a 2+2 collaborative partnership between Dalian University and Southern Cross University, Australia. I have done the first tow-year course in Dalian University, so I am familiar with the course settings and process of the 2+2 partnership.

Moreover, as the experience of purchasing Bachelor and Master degrees in the UK, I know better about what Chinese student should learn and prepare in order to meet the academic requirements in British Universities

Contractual Arrangement

Yearly Contract


Proposed Teaching Responsibilities in Connection with SU Programmes


Corporate Finance

Financial Services

Business Maths (or Business Skill 2)


Level of English:



Employment History:

June 2014 June 2014

Position held: Internship, Santander Universities, Bangor

      August 2013 September 2013 

Position held: Internship in Financial Department of Guangxi Huanjiang Jiahe Wood Industry Limited, China


Research/other Scholarly Activities:

March 2013 – April 2013: Entrant, Enterprise by Design Competition, DMM (A climbing kit maker in North Wales).

March 2015 – May 2015: Graduate Skills Programme Bronze Certificate.


Personal Development:

I have 7 exemptions in the qualification of the Associate Chartered Certified Accountant. I plan to finish the rest subjects of the ACCA within next two years. I treat the ACCA courses and assessments as a kind of professional training and academic improvement.


List of publications:

Qin, H. (2015) Free Cash Flow Theory Effects on Likelihood of Default: A Study of Real Estate Companies in the UK. Adam Smith Business School, the University of Glasgow.


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