Liang Guo, PhD

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Lincoln University PhD in Business Management


Victoria University of Technology/Beijing Jiao tong University MBA


Beijing Jiao tong University College diploma in accounting

Educational Background

2008 -2011

I mainly study the impact of directors demographic characteristics on the relationship between corporate governance and firm financial performance, therefore, this research help me to further improve my understanding of corporate governance from a comprehensive perspective.


Core Course: accounting for management; management information system; economic for management; quantitative analysis; marketing management ; work and organizational systems; international management; corporate finance; strategic management; business policy; managing innovation and entrepreneurships


Contractual Arrangement

Employed on a full time.

A permanent member of staff or on a fixed term contract.


Proposed Teaching Responsibilities in Connection with SU Programmes

BSB00123-6 Stratigic Management Accounting

BLB00015-6  Research Methods

BSB00124-6 Corporate Finance

BSB00122-6 Financial Decision Making

BSB00169-6  CorporateGovernance

Level of English:

Studied in an English speaking countries (Australia & New Zealand) and, work in an English speaking environment.r


Teaching Experience:


Zhejiang University of Science and Technology ( Lecturer)

During this period, I serve as a lecturer and had accumulated an extensive range of teaching experience--from accounting to finance. Specifically, I teach the following courses:

a)       Principle of Accounting

b)       Corporate Finance

c)       Theory of Finance

d)       Investment Banking

e)       Fund Management


Employment History:

2004-2007 Sunshine Holdings Co., (listed company on Singapore stock exchange) Assistant to Chairman

During this period, I work as an assistant to chairman and had accumulated an extensive range of working experience--from accounting, finance to strategic management. Specifically, my responsibilityincluded:

1.   managing cost analysis and financial statement to support the strategic decision.

2.   developing strategic planning and leading teams to complete project deliverables to schedule and performance goal.

3.     Coordinating the relationship with related parties (auditor: DELOITTE, underwriter: UOB, legal consultant: JINTIAN valuer: SALLMANNS) to organize the fund raising and to IPO in overseas stock markets.

4.     Conduct research on the fundamentals and outlook of the property industry, individual company research on key players and financial and business outlook of the company in relation to the macro and micro environment with well-known researcher as EIU, sponsor and so on.


1997-2001 Zhengzhou Heavy Industry Co., Financeanalyst

I am responsible for the analysis of financial information to support the strategic decisionmaking.

1.     Responsibility to craft internal financial management report in terms of the financial report per month.

2.     In charge of the project implement report according to the budget ofproject.

3.     Establish the reasonable financial management system in terms of the strategic planning.

1995-1997 Zhengzhou Mo Liao researchinstitution   Accountant

I am responsible for the cost accounting and fundamental analysis of accounting data.


Research/other Scholarly Activities:

I specialize in the relationship between corporate governance, directors’ demographic characteristics and firm financial performance).


1.       A Critique of Corporate Governance in China’s listed companies. International journal of law and management (first author, estimate publishing date April 2012 , with Prof Clive Smallman( Dean of business school in University of western Sydney and editor of International journal of law and management) and Jack Radford ( senior lecturer in Lincoln University)).


2.       The moderating impact of directors’ demographic characteristics on the relationship between corporate governance and firm performance. ( this paper is part of my PhD thesis, Working in progress , with Prof Clive ( my main supervisor) and Jack Radford ( my associate supervisor)) .

        3.     PhD thesis: The moderating impact of director’s demographic. 

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